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Building a Foundation of Excellence:

Skillful Engineering


Our engineering team focuses on doing excellent work. We're known for our high standards and great ideas. Our engineers have studied at good schools and know how to think smartly and solve problems well.


Reinventing What's Possible:

Aerial Lifts for Fiber Optic Work


Our standout products are The Skyjacker, The Skytracker, The Skyvan, and the Skytel. These special lifts have changed how people put in fiber optic cables. They blend technology, safety, and quick work really well.


The Skytel: Connecting the Future


The Skytel is a cutting-edge aerial work equipment known for its exclusive 540-degree boom rotation, driven by an hourglass worm gear system. This innovative machinery offers precise control with individual lever full-pressure upper controls and an optional single-stick control. Its construction includes high-strength steel and fiberglass components, ensuring durability.


To enhance safety and reduce maintenance, the Skytel incorporates non-lube bearings at pivot points and features a non-tracking insulation gap that expands from 30 to 42 inches as the boom extends. This equipment finds applications in various industries, including telecommunications, utilities, and construction, thanks to its versatility and exceptional capabilities. In summary, the Skytel sets a new standard in aerial work equipment, combining engineering excellence, safety, and efficiency.


The Skyjacker: Elevating Aerial Work Safety and Efficiency


The Skyjacker is a groundbreaking aerial work equipment known for its innovative features. Key highlights include a hydraulic overcenter limit for safety, an exclusive 540-degree boom rotation driven by an hourglass worm gear drive for precise control, and a construction made of high-strength, low alloy steel that balances strength with low weight.


These features make the Skyjacker a versatile and reliable asset across various industries, including telecommunications, utilities, construction, and emergency services, enabling efficient and safe work at heights..


The Skytracker: Making Innovation Happen


The Skytracker is a cutting-edge aerial work equipment with exclusive features such as a 540-degree boom rotation driven by an hourglass worm gear drive. It offers precise controls, including individual lever full-pressure controls and emergency stops, enhancing operator efficiency and safety.


The hydraulic system operates at 2200 PSI, ensuring robust performance, and the equipment provides various optional features like hydraulic rotators, continuous rotation, and more. The Skytracker is a versatile and efficient tool tailored to meet the diverse needs of aerial work in various industries.


Skyvan: Versatile Aerial Solutions


The Skyvan, known for its versatility and adaptability, provides an ideal platform for mounting aerials on vans.


This innovative approach takes advantage of the Skyvan's exceptional dimensions and capabilities to create a mobile communication hub that can reach previously inaccessible areas.