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We aim to respond to your parts request within the next business day. 

Many times, you'll receive your response on the same day!


UTEM Parts is dedicated to providing precise parts for essential repairs  across all UTEM brands. Our services extend to cover a diverse range of aerial equipment, including those from other brands.


We are dedicated to upholding the industry's highest standards in components and service excellence, our central goal revolves around experience.  Our parts manager as of today has more than 20 years of leadership in this department.



Options, 2 for Service and 3 for Parts.




IIn the dynamic realm of aerials, whether out in the fields or within the dealership, UTEM Service stands as the reliable cornerstone for our customers.


This steadfast reliability guarantees the smooth operation of their critical machinery. Our objective is not only to maintain your operational status but also to empower you to overcome challenges.


To ensure the maximum longevity of your aerial, routine service from a skilled team is essential. At UTEM, we offer advanced equipment, and a team of highly trained technicians experienced in a wide range of specialties. All these elements come together to provide efficient, high-quality service that caters to your Utility Truck needs while reducing wait times.


Our comprehensive services extend to various critical components, including:


Hydraulic Cylinders

  - Rebuild and Repair
  - Cylinder Seals & Rods
  - Pressure Tests
  - Control Valves
  - Non-conductive Hoses
  - Fittings


Mobile Equipment Services

  - From Cranes to Aerials, we cover a variety of mobile equipment.
  - Annual Inspections to ensure safety and performance.
  - Equipment Transfers to new locations, ensuring functionality remains intact.


Electrical Expertise

  - Our experts excel in diagnosing and troubleshooting electrical issues.
  - Proficiency in both 12V and 24V systems.
  - Specialized knowledge of electric-over-hydraulic systems.






When you've chosen to invest in an aerial, you naturally seek the best care for that investment.

The service center at UTEM is your solution.

Our expert staff can manage all your routine service requirements, preventative maintenance, and repairs. They are also fully capable of handling more extensive repairs, including hydraulic replacements and exhaust repairs. 


Furthermore, being your local certified UTEM service center, we are the optimal choice for addressing any manufacturer recalls or warranty repairs that might arise. Trust us to keep your equipment functioning at its best with our specialized knowledge, advanced equipment, and dedicated team.


Visit our service center to experience an elevated level of convenience and quality that ensures your equipment's optimal performance and durability.