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IMPORTANT: Drawing not to scale. Actual final product dimensions and appearance will vary. This graphic is for web illustration purposes only and represents a future product currently under development.

Elevate Your Fiber Optic Operations with Unprecedented Versatility

IMPORTANT: This product is currently in development, and the specifications and additional information provided are projections. The actual product may vary.


The SkyVan combines technology of a modified UBVN35A aerial lift with a mobile laboratory, offering fiber splicing operators unmatched mobility, efficiency, and versatility. With a 34-foot working height and 20-foot horizontal reach, it revolutionizes fiber optic connectivity, providing a complete solution on wheels. Join the fiber splicing revolution today.

Side Mounted
End Mounted
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Side Mounted

Projected Specifications (Not actual specifications)


 Basket Bottom Height1
 Working Height1
 Standard Basket Capacity
 Maximum Basket Capacity
 Maximum Horizontal Reach
 Boom Articulation

 Boom Extension
 Stowed Travel Height1
 Electrical System Voltage
 Hydraulic System Operating Pressure
 Unit Weight2


29 ft. (8.84m)

34 ft. (10.36m)

300 lbs. (136kg)

400 lbs. (181kg)

20 ft. 9 in. (6.32m)

-140 to 780

108 in. (2.74m)

10 ft. 2 in. (3.10m)


5400 Non-Continuous

2200 PSI (155kg/cm2)

1600 lbs. (725.7kg)

 1. Based on 36 in (0.91m) chassis frame height.

2. Configured with “HE” hydraulic power package and pedestal main frame.

Add 300 lbs. (136kg) for batteries on units with optional “EH” or “DP” hydraulic power package.

Add 300 lbs. (136kg) for UVN35A SkyVan units with pedestal main frame.

Add 100 lbs. (45kg) for units with optional bridge main frame.

Projected Chasis Requirements (Not actual)


Front GAWR2,4
Rear GAWR2,4
Cab to Rear Axle
Frame Section Modulus
RBM of Frame


10,100 lbs. (4581kg)

4,000 lbs. (1814kg)

7,500 lbs. (3402kg)

60 in. (1.52m)

5.4in.^3 (88cm^3)

195,000in.-lbs. (22035N-m)


14,500 lbs. (6577kg)

5,000 lbs. (2268kg)

9,500 lbs. (4309kg)

84 in. (2.13m)

5.4in.^3 (88cm^3)

195,000in.-lbs. (22035N-m)

1. Based on 27 in.(0.69m) van frame height.

2. Actual curb weight for stability and the required GVWR and GAWR can vary significantly with vehicle stiffness, suspension stiffness, vehicle wheelbase, aerial lift mounting location, body (if applicable), accessories, ballast (if required), platform capacity and desired payload. Actual weight for stability must be determined by testing in accordance with the ANSI A92.2 standard.

3. GVWR means gross vehicle weight rating.

4. GAWR means gross axle weight rating.

End Mounted
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