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Elevating Morale and Appreciating Workers at UTEM Manufacturing

Photo above: President Kirk Zanders is wearing his "special" muscle shirt in good fun, before the ceremony!



In an era where employee morale and recognition are vital for a company's success, UTEM has adopted a unique tradition to celebrate production milestones. The company president, Kirk Zanders, has introduced the practice of hitting a gong when the production quota is met. This ceremonial event not only brings the workers together but also serves as a way to acknowledge their hard work and dedication. The tradition has proven to be a powerful tool in boosting morale and making employees feel appreciated.


A Gong-Ringing Tradition:


At UTEM, the gong-ringing tradition marks the completion of each aerial device produced. When the production quota is met, all the workers gather for a quick ceremony. The gong, a symbol of achievement and celebration, is hit by each worker involved in the production process. This act not only represents the collective efforts of the entire team but also serves as a personal moment of accomplishment for each individual.


Elevating Morale:


The tradition creates a sense of camaraderie and unity among the employees. By coming together to celebrate their achievements, they feel connected as a team and experience a boost in motivation. The sound of the gong reverberating throughout the facility serves as a reminder of their collective success and reinforces their commitment to excellence.


Appreciating Workers:

One of the key elements of UTEM gong ceremonies is the recognition and appreciation shown to the workers. Each employee selected to hit the gong during the ceremony is rewarded with a prize. This gesture not only acknowledges their contribution but also highlights their individual value to the company. By recognizing the efforts of the workers in a public and meaningful way,UTEM demonstrates a genuine appreciation for its employees' dedication and hard work.


Benefits for the Company:

The gong ceremonies have proven to be a powerful strategy for UTEM. By prioritizing employee morale and recognition, the company has experienced several positive outcomes. First and foremost, the tradition has led to increased employee satisfaction and engagement, resulting in higher productivity levels. The sense of appreciation and camaraderie also fosters a positive work environment, encouraging teamwork and collaboration. Moreover, the gong ceremonies have become a source of pride for the workers, driving a sense of ownership and commitment to the company's goals.




UTEM has set a shining example of how a simple tradition, such as the gong ceremonies, can uplift employee morale and appreciation. By hitting the gong to celebrate the completion of aerial devices, the workers feel a sense of accomplishment and recognition for their hard work. This unique practice has fostered a positive work environment, boosted productivity, and created a united and motivated team. Other companies can learn from this remarkable tradition and implement their own innovative ways to appreciate and celebrate their employees' achievements.